Digital Services

There are hundreds of tools that we use in this digital society. I have listed a few to the right, and will continue to add to the list over the coming days and weeks. 

In addition, I'll give brief reviews of each of the services and a short explanation on how I use each one. 

Final Update: Cut the Cord

It has been a few weeks since we canceled cable TV, and since my last update. 

I don’t have much more to add, and I’ll make this my final update. I did add a Chromecast for $35 and a $20 credit, for a net of $15.

This allows me to stream Netflix from my laptop to the TV, like I am doing now while I write this blog post.

Presentation 701

It has been said before, but it bears repeating. Why? The number of poor presentations that continue to be made and delivered is mind numbing.

Watching Apple’s presentation yesterday it occurred to me that all MBA candidates should have to watch the 10 most recent Apple presentations, and not receive their degree until they can create and deliver a presentation along these same lines.

 I saw three key elements in the Apple presentation: photos, phrases and videos.

What I didn't see were: bullet points, slides with several sentences; detailed graphs or charts.

Why do current business presentations try to include everything into the PowerPoint or Keynote deck? I think it is because they want the presentation to stand on its own even if the presenter is not available or as a reference after the presenter has delivered his or her remarks.

That’s where they go wrong. The presentation deck shouldn’t be the leave behind. It should only be there to help the speaker deliver the intended message. If the audience needs reference material after the presentation, a word document with a narrative and action items is a better choice.

Please commit to doing better. 

Cut the Cord - Update

It has been almost a week since we cut the cord - canceled cable TV but retained internet service.

And while it isn’t a heavy sports season, so far I don’t miss anything. Mainly because I haven’t missed anything.

Currently, there are four shows that I watch. And after next week, it will be down to two. And in a few weeks after that, the TV season will be over.

Of those shows, I can watch all but one on the network’s website for free, with commercials. Or I can buy a single episode for $1.99. .

And thanks to a network-cable system dispute last year, I have an HD antenna, which means I can get all the network channels for free over the air. And that should take care of everything except Monday Night Football.